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 Useful Information

Visa Requirements

A valid passport with a Myanmar entry visa is required. Visas are valid for a 28 days stay. 

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Climate and Weather

Myanmar is a destination all the year round and has three main seasons. The hot season runs from March to mid May, the rainy season from mid May to early October, and the cool season from mid October continuous until the end of February. Each season has its own attraction, and even during the rainy season, there are many days of clear blue skies, and the landscapes are green and lush.

Local Time in Myanmar

GMT + 6.5


The currency in Myanmar is "Kyat". Kyat come in notes (no coins) of value K50, K100, K200, K500, K1000, K5000 and K10.000. Until recent government reforms, it was necessary for visitors to Myanmar to change money on the black market  in order to get a reasonable exchange rate. You can get now a good exchange rate at banks and official money exchanges. Money changers on the street should be avoided, as they are likely to scam you. In bigger cities, there are more and more ATMs available. Creditcard payment is possible in bigger hotels, but not in small guesthouses.

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The majority are Buddhists. The rest are Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Animists.


The majority of the people speak Burmese, but English is understood widely throughout the country.


Casual and light clothing is recommended all the year round. A cardigan or some warm clothes will be advisable for visits to northern Myanmar and the Shan State in the winter months of November to January. An umbrella for the sun or rain is suggested. Sandals or slippers which are easily removed are recommended for monasteries and temples because it's not allowed to wear any footwear and socks at those sacred places.

Getting to Myanmar

Myanmar is served internationally.The convinient way is to fly from Bangkok by different companies. There are several possibilities to enter the country. Please inform yourself which borders are open for foreigners.


 Kyaw Naing, Licensed Tour Guide

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